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Here’s our idea of Point of Purchase Marketing…

ADHandle Group has given the POP marketing concept something tangible. Our approach is taking the existing handle and upgrading it to become a valuable medium for advertising products and consumer interaction. Our products are designed to break through the clutter of traditional media and put your company’s message literally in the hands on the customer, unlike the existing model, which hampers visibility and gets lost on the glass.

Given your marketing or sales objective, our products can play a key role in helping you create brand or product awareness, develop effective incentive programs or establish lucrative co-op opportunities.

Our goal is to provide you with the innovative solutions to meet your communication needs.

Our mission is to maintain an exceptional standard of quality to meet the corporate image of the clients we serve. All ADHandle products are designed for easy installation, lasting durability, and most importantly, superior visual impact.

Call 214-630-1191 to place your order today!
Call 214-630-1191 to place your order today!

See It, Touch It, Buy It.

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